Community Garden

St. Martin’s Community Garden is open and dedicated as of May 23, 2021!

The garden is open! In keeping with God’s call to love our neighbor, and to be in community and relationship with the people around us, we are excited to announce the grand opening – the beginning – of the St. Martin’s Community Garden! This garden and and the space are intended to be a place for people who want to garden this summer. They are free to use, and available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like a garden space, please contact Bev Pratt at 487-6066.

Gracious God, along with all your creation we wait with eager longing.  Help us to be revealed as your children. Let us fulfill our small part in the great work of reconciling all things to you.  Let this garden be a sign of that day when creation is freed from its bondage to decay.  Bring order, growth, and tranquility to this place.  Send your blessing on this garden, on all the plants in our care, and in all the creatures who visit and whose lives are sustained here as we are sustained here.  This we pray in the name of the Resurrected Lord, whom Mary Magdalene recognized as a gardener on Easter morning, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Written by the Rev. James Stambaugh, rector of Holy Apostles Episcopal Church, Wynnewood